The Benefit of Live Meditations

The science behind why we value live connection over pre-recorded content

June 2020 | Written by Mohan

We aren’t necessarily going to be able to scale this thing.


When you are in person with someone, your physical brain waves match up. An actual literal connection exists. It is my belief that this happens even over audio on a phone. There is a deep mental disconnect when listening to pre-recorded content. It is easier to be distracted, it is harder to resonate.


I breathe with the clients. I match their breath and bring them to their meditative place. This might scale one day with voice technologies that can understand breath rate and create adaptive content that leverages deep fake technology to seamlessly create audio content that is self generation in nature and length. But until then, I breathe with my clients.


I meet you where you are. You can meditate while moving. You can meditate with your eyes open. If you can do it while breathing, you can meditate. Arguably, there is some meditative state or quality to holding your breath (underwater, for instance).


As meditation meets you, and brings joy to where you are, you will find it easier and easier for you to invite the practice into your life more easily, and perhaps to begin to seek it.


At the end of the day, results matter. And it’s not the results I achieve, it’s the results you achieve. By trying to scale, I would be focused on the former. By working directly with you, my attention is entirely on the latter.


I do work towards scaling my practice and look forward to the time when the opportunity, technology, and connection is right. For now, this is where I have arrived.


My 10 Day Practice with Sanjiv

Day 1 (he reached out, 25ish min) was great, because he really wanted to be in it

Day 2 (he reached out, 25ish min) was good but not as amazing for him, partially because being in a park meant the sounds around him were distracting

Day 3 (I reached out, 5ish min turned longer) he was stressed and didn’t want to do it because he was going to be traveling, but we did

Day 4 (I reached out, 27ish min session but he was asleep) he fell asleep while listening in the car

Day 5 (I reached out, 14ish min session) he was receptive and ready, we did a good practice where we made progress on the exhale

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10