About Aaram

Aaram means to take it easy. To rest. What's important to note though is that rest does not mean to sleep. Rest means to channel your efforts away from that which is overwhelmed, and into something or somewhere else. Rest is not the absence of action but rather intentional restorative actions.


I started Aaram Wellness in 2020 after years of working from home.

I wanted to teach people what I've learned over the last 5-10 years of personal growth.

I was once angry. I've had to work hard to find and follow the path to a better place. I can show you how now.

I started my yoga practice in 2010, and did my teacher training at the prestigious Yoga Tree teaching institute in San Francisco, California. It was a difficult time in my life, as I was going through hard times emotionally, physically, and professionally.


Principles of Aaram


Two things can be true at the same time

Seek opposites

Grow a forest