Aaram Yoga & Meditation

Donation Classes (Venmo @Neil-Gupta-1)


Yoga: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8am Vinyasa Flow

Private Individual/Small Group

Private individual or group classes are available for $50 an hour. We will start with a review of what kind of class you're looking for (spiritually engaged, physically challenging, relaxing, etc.), any injuries anyone may have, and then engage in a 60 minute session.

Corporate Partners

Yoga classes are a great thing to offer to your work from home employees. We design a program that highlights the right kind of mentality and motivation you want your employees to feel after class. Classes are built based on the

Pre Recorded Content

At Aaram, we believe that there is benefit to practicing live with an instructor, even if it is over Zoom. That being said, we understand that some people prefer pre-recorded content so they can practice at a time that suits their schedule.

15 minute Wake Up and Rise

60 minute Energetic Vinyasa Flow

15 minute Evening Wind Down

Meditations on Spotify