My name is Neil Gupta, and welcome to little piece of the web where you can get to know me.


What I do

I'm a product manager who is passionate about augmented reality and immersive experiences, a venture partner who enjoys helping entrepreneurs, and a tennis player with a decent second serve.

I'm currently interested in ideas around spatial audio and wearable computing.


What I write

Understanding Audio Augmented Reality

Apple released another part of their AR headset...and no one noticed

Why would Apple buy Shazam?

Spidey Sense will be the killer AR app


What I'm currently learning

Canva, Playing with OpenCV


What I read (highlights)

Books: Goodreads

Blogs: Lenny Rachitsky, Ben Thompson/Stratechery, Turner Novak

Pop Culture: Tayor Lorenz


What I listen to

Daily Snacks

NYTimes Daily

Bill Withers - Live