My name is Neil Gupta, and welcome to little piece of the web where you can get to know me.


What I do

I just moved to Twentynine Palms outside of Joshua Tree, and I'm on a focused retreat. During this time I'm reconnecting with some hobbies and passions like creating music, learning languages, and more. Professionally, here's the current mix:

  • Senior Product Manager @ Ditto
  • Venture Partner @ Indicator Ventures
  • Advisor @ Hawkeye Labs

What I write

Understanding Audio Augmented Reality

Apple released another part of their AR headset...and no one noticed

Why would Apple buy Shazam?

Spidey Sense will be the killer AR app


What I'm currently learning

Figma, Reality Composer


What I read (highlights)

Books: Goodreads

Blogs: Lenny Rachitsky, Ben Thompson/Stratechery, Turner Novak, Julie Young, Neil Cybart,


What I listen to

Daily Snacks, Stratechery Podcast